Solar Panels

Here at California Steeplejack we specialize in flagpoles but a Steeplejack is a tradesman that works on high structures for any kind of work, roofs included. With all the California fires no doubt you may have had some ash cover on your car. That’s easy to wash off but if you have solar panels those will need some cleaning as well in order for them to continue to work at high efficiency. You can wait for the rains to come or have a professional do it for you. We are running a special right now to help make it affordable to get your solar panels back up to par so they can continue saving you money over the summer.

For $89 we will come out and pressure wash your solar panels with deionized water so that not only will you get all the recent ash off your system but also any dirt that has been accumulating since the last time they were cleaned, with the benefit of SPOT FREE water. The last thing you want to do is rinse your panels with a tap water garden hose and leave those water spots that take scrubbing to remove in your panels. Up to 2 stories and a basic 10 panel system installed on most new homes for this low price.

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